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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2016-10-19 Effect of offering herbal additive during transition period on lactation performance and reproduction of Holstein lactating cows(2016-49-3-5).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of added fermented feedstuff inclusion of two-phase of solid-state on immune response of finishing pigs(2016-49-3-4).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of ambient temperature on productive performances in Tsaiya ducks(2016-49-3-8).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of bedding material on the composting of poultry litter(2016-49-3-10).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of different feeding types on egg production performance of native chicken(2016-49-3-9)i.pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of Taraxacum mongolicum on the milk composition,somatic cell count, interlukine-8, blood hematological and biochemical parameters in dairy cattle with subclinical mastitis(2016-49-3-6).pdf
2016-10-19 The effect of dietary substitution of corn with sweet potato on mule duck’s growth performances and carcass traits(2016-49-3-7).pdf
2016-10-19 The effect of using corn silage in diets on Taiwan black goat growth performance, feeding cost and greenhouse gas emission(2016-49-3-2).pdf
2016-08-23 Breeding of prolific swine The performance improvement and estimation of genetic parameters on KHAPS black pigs in recent years(2016-49-2-5).pdf
2016-08-23 Detection of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) in semen of bucks(2016-49-2-6).pdf
2016-08-23 Effects of binder of porcine plasma transglutaminase with thrombin and fibrinogen on gel properties in animal products(2016-49-2-7) .pdf
2016-08-23 Effects of total solid concentration on anaerobic digestion of dairy manure wastewater(2016-49-2-1).pdf
2016-08-23 Evaluation of feeding diet with raised nutrient concentration on alleviating heat stress in mule ducks(2016-49-2-2).pdf
2016-08-23 Goat milk quality in Taiwan(2016-49-2-9) .pdf
2016-08-23 Study on genetic structure in germplasm-conserved White Tsaiya duck and Ilan White Tsaiya TLRI NO.1 by microsatellite markers(2016-49-2-8) .pdf
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