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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2015-09-24 The pilot study on genotype screening of brachyspina syndrome on dairy cattle herds in Taiwan (2015-48-3-7).pdf
2015-09-24 The study of pangolagrass pasture improvement (2015-48-3-10).pdf
2015-09-24 The survey of subclinical ketosis for DHI dairy cows (2015-48-3-1).pdf
2015-07-31 Calibration equations for determining nutritional components of forage soybean in near-infrared spectroscopy analysis (2015-48-2-4).pdf
2015-07-31 Effect of artificial photoperiod on induction of estrus and conception of dairy does in non-breeding season (2015-48-2-2).pdf
2015-07-31 Evaluation of effects of breed and parity on milking characteristics and milk components of dairy goats by portable milking device (2015-48-2-1).pdf
2015-07-31 Plant regeneration from cell suspension culture of nilegrass (Acroceras macrum Stapf) (2015-48-2-8).pdf
2015-07-31 The effect of dietary sorghum distillery’s residue levels on tibia trait and leg appearance of Taiwan black feathered native chickens (2015-48-2-7).pdf
2015-07-31 The effects of transcervical and laparoscopic artificial insemination using frozen-thawed semen on pregnancy rate, delivery rate and the average litter size in goats (2015-48-2-6).pdf
2015-07-31 The effects of using the sun-cured peanut vine in diets on the growth performance and carcass traits of domestic geese from 9 to 13 weeks of age (2015-48-2-5).pdf
2015-07-31 The silage quality and nutrient composition of different gramineae and legume silage (2015-48-2-3).pdf
2015-07-31 The study of bud culture and plant proliferation of napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum) (2015-48-2-10).pdf
2015-07-31 Variation and correlation of agronomic traits of napiergrass (2015-48-2-9).pdf
2015-06-08 A DNA vector system for MMTV-promoter-based, doxycycline-inducible transgene expression and verified by expressing Mst4 gene (2015-48-1-8).pdf
2015-06-08 Embryo survival rate and gonadal migration efficiency after primordial germ cells transplantation in chicken (2015-48-1-10).pdf
2015-06-08 Evaluation of feeding diet with increased oil content and raised nutrient concentration on alleviating heat stress in Pekin ducks (2015-48-1-2).pdf
2015-06-08 Physico-chemical and sensory evaluation of dried emulsified pork chops as affected by plasma powder, egg white powder and modified starch addition (2015-48-1-1).pdf
2015-06-08 Removal of ammonia, dust and odor from a closed type swine house by trickling filters (2015-48-1-5).pdf
2015-06-08 The effect of feeding green Napiergrass Taishigrass No.3 on growth and carcass characteristics of White Roman geese (2015-48-1-3).pdf
2015-06-08 The effect of water bath and stocking density on growth performance in Pekin ducks raised inside duck house (2015-48-1-7).pdf
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