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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2017-01-05 Effects of different ages and sex of chicken on the quality of drip chicken essence(2016-49-4-7).pdf
2017-01-05 Effects of exogenous gonadotropin on ovum picked-up of Holstein cows(2016-49-4-8).pdf
2017-01-05 Effects of silage quality with additional different moisture content on rice grains(2016-49-4-5).pdf
2017-01-05 Effects of sowing time and cultivars for soybeans on forage use in spring crop season(2016-49-4-9).pdf
2017-01-05 Study on economic benefits of different improvement methods for pangolagrass(2016-49-4-1).pdf
2017-01-05 The effect of graded levels of sweet potato (TNG No.66) to substitute the corn in diets on growth performance and carcass characteristics of black pigs(2016-49-4-4).pdf
2017-01-05 The survey analysis of management status for young farmers engaged in livestock industry in Taiwan(2016-49-4-10).pdf
2016-10-19 Breeding of Napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum) Taisu no.4(2016-49-3-1).pdf
2016-10-19 Effect of nest box closure and bottom material on Brown Tsaiya duck’s nesting location prefer(2016-49-3-3).pdf
2016-10-19 Effect of offering herbal additive during transition period on lactation performance and reproduction of Holstein lactating cows(2016-49-3-5).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of added fermented feedstuff inclusion of two-phase of solid-state on immune response of finishing pigs(2016-49-3-4).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of ambient temperature on productive performances in Tsaiya ducks(2016-49-3-8).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of bedding material on the composting of poultry litter(2016-49-3-10).pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of different feeding types on egg production performance of native chicken(2016-49-3-9)i.pdf
2016-10-19 Effects of Taraxacum mongolicum on the milk composition,somatic cell count, interlukine-8, blood hematological and biochemical parameters in dairy cattle with subclinical mastitis(2016-49-3-6).pdf
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