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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2015-06-08 The effects of including rice hull to adjust dietary crude fiber levels on growth performance and development of gastrointestinal tract in White Roman goslings during 2-6 weeks of age (2015-48-1-4).pd
2015-06-08 The investigation of the reproductive performances, growth performances and carcass traits on the crossed breeding experiment of meat goat (2015-48-1-9).pdf
2015-06-08 The study of bulk milk quality between DHI farms and non-DHI farms during 2012 to 2013 (2015-48-1-6).pdf
2015-01-12 Effect of levels of copper and zinc and carbon nitrogen ratio of compost materials on copper and zinc concentration of compost(2014-47-3-8).pdf
2015-01-07 Effect of dietary replacement of corn with feed rice on the growth performance and carcass trait for red-feathered Taiwan country chickens(2014-47-3-6).pdf
2015-01-07 Effect of replacing dietary corn with pulverized rice on the growth performance and carcass traits in mule ducks(2014-47-3-5).pdf
2015-01-07 Effects of different extenders and removal of seminal plasma on goat semen quality during storage at 4℃ (2014-47-3-3).pdf
2015-01-07 Effects of lactation period and parity on raw milk composition in Holstein dairy cows(2014-47-3-4).pdf
2015-01-07 Establishment of wireless sensor network based system to improve the dairy farm management(2014-47-3-2).pdf
2015-01-07 Study on diversity of agronomic traits of purple napiergrass in Taiwan(2014-47-3-1).pdf
2015-01-07 The effects of piling up, packing density and storage on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of corn silage(2014-47-3-7).pdf
2015-01-05 Application of radio frequency identification technology on the management of dairy farm (2014-47-4-6).pdf
2015-01-05 Effect of different rearing systems on the production of parvovirus-free Muscovy duck(2014-47-4-4).pdf
2015-01-05 Effects of dietary inclusion of two stage mix-probiotics fermented feedstuff on growth performances and immune response of growing pigs(2014-47-4-5).pdf
2015-01-05 Evaluation of activated carbon prepared from cattle manure(2014-47-4-1).pdf
2015-01-05 Evaluation of using Taichung Sen 17 rice grain on the diet for growing geese(2014-47-4-2).pdf
2015-01-05 Study on the growth performance, carcass characteristics and processing methods of Chinese geese and Chinese hybrid geese(2014-47-4-3).pdf
2014-10-14 Body type score and organ weight during laying period of White Roman breeder geese (2014-47-2-4).pdf
2014-10-14 Comparison of barrows and gilts on the carcass cutability ratio, meat compositions and qualities for Duroc crossbred KHAPS black pigs (2014-47-7).pdf
2014-10-14 Comparison of barrows and gilts on the growth performance, carcass traits, muscle postmortem changes and hematological traits in finisher Duroc x KHAPS black pigs (2014-47-8).pdf
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