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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2022-06-07 Cryopreservation of poultry primordial germ cells
2022-06-07 Effects of days of raising TLRI Black Pig No. 1 lactating sows in farrowing crate on the welfare of sows and survival rate of piglets
2022-06-07 Effects of dietary calcium level and Rhizopus fermentation extract supplementation on semen traits of Muscovy drake
2022-06-07 Effects of perch types on the growth performance and welfare of red-feathered chickens
2022-06-07 Profitable production of forage crops -sweet sorghum and oat II. Evaluation of forage yield and quality with different crop rotation modes
2022-06-07 The analysis of consumer awareness and willingness to pay for animal welfare-friendly pork products
2022-06-07 The development of genotyping platform on PRLR gene in indigenous chicken by kompetitive allele specific PCR
2022-06-06 Study on the treatment of high -concentration pig wastewater with model tanks
2022-03-28 Effects of high levels of dietary iron, selenium or manganese on growth performance, blood traits and immune response of piglets
2022-03-28 Effect of feed push-up during nighttime hours using automated feed pusher on milk yield and milk components of Holstein cows
2022-03-28 Effects of dietary supplementation of Bacillus subtilis TLRI 211-1 on growth performance, carcass, and blood characteristics of broilers
2022-03-28 Evaluation of the moisture removal effect of pangolagrass round bales with reformed hay barn in the rainy season
2022-03-28 Impact of dairy wastewater on the soil properties and groundwater quality after irrigation on Pangolagrass pasture
2022-03-28 Purification and characterization of a novel esterase Est03 derived from an activated sludge metagenome
2022-03-28 Study on the treatment of wastewaters collected from indoor rearing operation of geese
2022-03-28 The reutilization technology of chicken by-products
2021-12-20 Selection and identification and characterization of Bacillus coagulans from pig excrement and cattle rumen fluid
2021-12-20 Aggregation and Innovative Governance of Livestock Products Industry: A Case Study of Young Farmer
2021-12-20 Comparison of silage characteristics among monocropping and intercropping of soybean and forage corn
2021-12-20 Effect of dietary addition of copra meal on growth performance and rumen digestion of Alpine goats
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