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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2019-06-21 Effects of concentrate and plant extracts mixture on intake (1) willingness in goat (2019-52-1-3).pdf
2019-06-21 Effects of different disinfection treatments on microorganisms (1) and hatchability of Brown Tsaiya ducks’ eggs (2019-52-1-4).pdf
2019-06-21 Evaluation of Sorghum Cultivar for Forage Production (2019-52-1-5).pdf
2019-06-21 Postpartum progesterone levels and reproductive (1) characteristics of Taiwan Yellow Cattle(2019-52-1-1).pdf
2019-06-21 Study on the addition of natural pigment from local agricultural products in the ration for improving the coloration (1) of the ISA egg yolk (2019-52-1-2).pdf
2019-06-21 The effect of the nest type on the nest egg ratio (1) of the white Roman geese (2019-52-1-6).pdf
2019-06-21 The genetic performance of fertile eggs in Pekin duck after (1) eleven generations of selection for the duration of fertility (2019-52-1-8).pdf
2019-05-09 畜產試驗所108年1月份會計報告XML檔.zip
2019-01-21 An historical overview on the development of pluripotent stem cell technology(2018-51-3-2).pdf
2019-01-21 Analysis of Blood Biochemical Parameters in Lanyu pigs(2018-51-3-1).pdf
2019-01-21 Economic benefit evaluation of activating fallow farmland to plant oats as winter season crop in Taiwan(2018-51-3-8).pdf
2019-01-21 Effect of dietary crude fiber content in late - gestating period on the reproductive and lactating performance of first parity sows(2018-51-4-4).pdf
2019-01-21 Effect of dietary supplementation of Agaricus blazei Murill culture silage on milking performance of Holstein lactating cows(2018-51-4-2).pdf
2019-01-21 Effect of domestic swan oat hay feeding on dry matter intake, body weight, milk yield and milk quality of Holstein lactating cows(2018-51-4-6).pdf
2019-01-21 Effect of Zn and Cu and Mn supplementation on locomotion score and performance of Holstein cows under high temperature-humidity index(2018-51-3-6).pdf
2019-01-21 Effects of diet mixed wet sorghum distillery residue on growth performance, intestinal characteristics, blood parameters, and immunoglobulin concentration in male Taiwan black feather nat(2018-51-4-7)
2019-01-21 Effects of high fiber diet on growth performances, carcass traits, meat drip loss and cooking loss in finishing black pigs(2018-51-4-1).pdf
2019-01-21 Effects of TN57 sweet potato chip in diet on egg production and characteristics of Isa Brown hens(2018-51-4-5).pdf
2019-01-21 Impact of different THI levels on milk yield and composition(2018-51-3-3 ).pdf
2019-01-21 Research on management capacity management ability to young farmers in Taiwan livestock farm(2018-51-4-3).pdf
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