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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2019-01-21 Study on forage palatability I. The response of goat to foragewith adding sugar, organic acids, changing the water solublecarbohydrate and ensiling(2018-51-3-4 ).pdf
2019-01-21 The characteristics of pangolagrass biochar and its effect on forage production(2018-51-3-7).pdf
2019-01-21 The effect of diet supplemented with fermented feedstuff (FF) and natto and fungal fermentative products (NF) on antler velvet weight, content and immunity in Formosan sambar deer(2018-51-3-5 ).pdf
2019-01-21 The effect of inoculation of alfalfa haylage on its palatability(2018-51-4-8).pdf
2018-07-31 Effect of freezing extenders supplementation with whole egg(2018-51-2-1).pdf
2018-07-31 Effect of oat silage substitute on lactation performance of(2018-51-2-4).pdf
2018-07-31 Effects of cryopreservation method on the development of caprine in vivo blastocysts(2018-51-2-6).pdf
2018-07-31 Effects of oocyte recovery methods and culture media on the development of in vitro produced caprine embryos (2018-51-2-9).pdf
2018-07-31 Effects of the compositions of bulking agents on the(2018-51-2-5).pdf
2018-07-31 Establishment of induced pluripotent stem cell lines in chicken(2018-51-2-2).pdf
2018-07-31 Evaluation of the effect of dietary betaine supplementation on the reproductive performance of lactating sow rearing under different temperatures 2018-51-2-8).pdf
2018-07-31 The effects of metabolizable energy and crude protein diets on growth performance of juvenile ostriches(2018-51-2-7).pdf
2018-07-31 The recycling and processing method on hatched waste(2018-51-2-3).pdf
2018-05-04 Determination of hematological parameters in miniature pigs(2018-51-1-1).pdf
2018-05-04 Effects of floor types on growth performance of growerfinisher pig and pig house’s, wastewater quantity and quality during cool season(2018-51-1-10).pdf
2018-05-04 Establishment of a DNA vector system for doxycyclineinducible and β-cell-specific transgene expression(2018-51-1-4).pdf
2018-05-04 Evaluation of quality protein corn on egg production performance and egg quality of native chicken hens(2018-51-1-5).pdf
2018-05-04 Evaluation of sesbania for forage use(2018-51-1-7).pdf
2018-05-04 Inheritance of coat color in piglets of Meishan and Duroc crosses in favor of black coat selection(2018-51-1-8).pdf
2018-05-04 Study on forage yield, quality and ensiling of black oat harvested on different days (2018-51-1-3).pdf
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