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Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection Policy Statement
Dear Friends, welcome to the Global LRI Web, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. The Global LRI Web regards your privacy with the highest respect and provides you with proper protection. To help you understand how the Global LRI Web collects, uses, and protects your personal data, please read the following information carefully:

Scope of this Statement
This Privacy Protection Policy Statement applies to all personal data collection, use, and protection involved in activities on the Global Agriculture Web. However, it does not apply to links of government agencies or fee-paying Web sites available through the Global LRI Web. All Web sites linked to the Global LRI Web have their own privacy policies. The Global Agriculture Web does not share any joint responsibilities. When you link to any of these Web sites, the privacy policy of each Web site will become applicable to the protection of your personal data.

Collection of Personal Data

  • This Web site does not collect any of your personal identity data if you only browse the Global LRI Web or download files from the Web site.
  • When using services provided by the Global LRI Web such as online applications, this Web site will request you to provide your most updated data, such as name, national ID number, contact phone number, e-mail address, contact address, and residence address, as required by each relevant administration agency/unit.
  • This Web site records the users ’ IP addresses, time logged-in, and Web pages browsed. These data are used for “ Total Quantity ” analyses on this Web site ’ s flow volume and users ’ Internet behavior. These analyses are used as references for quality upgrades and conducted only on the behaviors of overall users. This Web site does not conduct analysis on any “ Individual ” users.
  • The Global LRI Web has the duty to protect the privacy of each applicant. This Web site does not alter or delete any of your personal data without prior consent. Alterations or deletions will only be conducted when a prior consent from you is obtained or when any of the following situations allows relevant activities:
    • Intervention approved via legal channels.
    • When the user is in evident violation of Web site regulations; i.e. improper use of language or conducts personal attacks verbally on a bulletin board.
    • When protection or defense of the rights or ownerships relevant to Web site users is called for.
    • To protect the rights of relevant agencies/units related to this Web site.
  • The Global LRI Web does not sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal data to other organizations, persons, or private enterprises, with the following exceptions:
    • For legal investigation by law enforcement agencies.
    • For investigation or use by relevant agencies.
    • When the Global LRI Web believes, in good faith, that disclosure of information is needed for legal purposes or maintenance, improvement, and management of services of this Web site.

Personal Responsibilities:

  • All parties registered in the Global LRI Web and using online application services provided are responsible for maintaining and updating their personal data and ensuring that the data are accurate, most updated, and complete.
  • If you provide wrongful information, the Global LRI Web and relevant agencies have the right to refuse providing part or all of the services requested by you.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of your password and user name is a shared responsibility of the Global LRI Web and You.
  • If you suspect that your data has been stolen or discover any other safety problems, please contact our service staff immediately via e-mail to the Mailbox of the Minister on the Global LRI Web.
  • Please make sure to log out after each use to protect your personal account. If you are sharing or using a public computer, please protect your own personal privacy by closing the browser after use to prevent others from reading and using your data or mail.
  • All behaviors of the public on the Internet should be conducted within the standards of domestic and international laws and all users should take full responsibilities for anything occurs to their personal account number and password.

Enquiry regarding the Privacy Protection Policy Statement

  • If you have questions and opinions regarding the Privacy Policy Statement of this Web site, please write to us at the Mailbox of the Minister.
  • If you discover any violations to this policy conducted by agencies/units of the Council of Agriculture, please report the events to the Mailbox of the Minister on the Global LRI Web.