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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2016-06-20 Effects of feeding napiergrass and corn silage on wastewater treatment of finishing pigs (2016-49-1-1).pdf
2016-06-20 Effects of floor types on growth performance of grower-finisher pig and pig house’s water consumption and wastewater quantity during hot season (2016-49-1-4).pdf
2016-06-20 Effects of supplemental taiwanese propolis extract on growth,carcass characteristics and immune response in Taiwan native chicken (2016-49-1-8).pdf
2016-06-20 Establishment of a production and supply for rabbit with minimum disease (2016-49-1-5).pdf
2016-06-20 Evaluation of chicken embryos survival rates of sex-limited PGCs after transplantation (2016-49-1-2).pdf
2016-06-20 The effect of graded levels and forms of sweet potato to substitute the corn in diets on growth performance and carcass characteristics of grower and finisher crossbred pigs (2016-49-1-10).pdf
2016-06-20 The proper utilization of copra meal in diets for dairy goats (2016-49-1-7).pdf
2016-01-26 Bacterial diversity of activated sludge treating slaughterhouse wastewater (2015-48-4-4).pdf
2016-01-26 Calibration equations for determining nutritional components of forage corn and soybean intercropping by near-infrared spectroscopy analysis (2015-48-4-8).pdf
2016-01-26 Developmental competence of early caprine embryos vitrified with various cryoprotectant formulae and equilibrium time (2015-48-4-1).pdf
2016-01-26 Effect of organic chromium supplementation on lactation performance and blood parameters of Holstein cows during plum rain season (2015-48-4-2).pdf
2016-01-26 Effect of stocking density on growth performance of meat-type female turkeys (2015-48-4-3).pdf
2016-01-26 Effect on dissolved air flotation in dairy wastewater treatment (2015-48-4-5).pdf
2016-01-26 Effects of litter material on the growth performance, excretion and ammonia concentrations of chicken house for broiler (2015-48-4-6).pdf
2016-01-26 Investigation on the litter production and composition for native chicken (2015-48-4-7).pdf
Total 21 pages, total 315 items.