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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2016-01-26 The nutrient digestibility of pastures for rabbits (2015-48-4-10).pdf
2016-01-26 The TMR formulation calculator and nutrition assessment system for goats (2015-48-4-9).pdf
2015-09-24 Application of potato and sweet potato supplying method on feeding domestic geese (2015-48-3-6).pdf
2015-09-24 Improving the post-thawing quality of caprine frozen semen cryopreserved with skimmed milk extenders (2015-48-3-4).pdf
2015-09-24 Isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria used as feed additives (2015-48-3-3).pdf
2015-09-24 Study of traceability of porcine induced pluripotent stem cells after transplantation (2015-48-3-5).pdf
2015-09-24 The assessment of yielding potential in forage sorghum lines (2015-48-3-2).pdf
2015-09-24 The development of a system for inquiring genetic evaluation of international dairy bulls (SIGB) I. Performance information query module of elite dairy bulls (2015-48-3-9).pdf
2015-09-24 The effect of corn distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) on growth and carcass performance of the finisher KHAPS black pigs (2015-48-3-8).pdf
2015-09-24 The pilot study on genotype screening of brachyspina syndrome on dairy cattle herds in Taiwan (2015-48-3-7).pdf
2015-09-24 The study of pangolagrass pasture improvement (2015-48-3-10).pdf
2015-09-24 The survey of subclinical ketosis for DHI dairy cows (2015-48-3-1).pdf
2015-07-31 Calibration equations for determining nutritional components of forage soybean in near-infrared spectroscopy analysis (2015-48-2-4).pdf
2015-07-31 Effect of artificial photoperiod on induction of estrus and conception of dairy does in non-breeding season (2015-48-2-2).pdf
2015-07-31 Evaluation of effects of breed and parity on milking characteristics and milk components of dairy goats by portable milking device (2015-48-2-1).pdf
Total 21 pages, total 315 items.