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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2017-10-24 Development of a new method for rapid genotyping(2017-50-3-8).pdf
2017-10-24 Effect of nest boxes closure and setting time on Brown Tsaiya(2017-50-3-5).pdf
2017-10-24 Effect of vtamin E and selenium supplementation on lactation(2017-50-3-4).pdf
2017-10-24 Effects of dietary supplementation of peppermint on growth(2017-50-3-6).pdf
2017-10-24 Effects of Ganoderma lucidum fermentative products(2017-50-3-3).pdf
2017-10-24 The comparisons of erythrocyte and leukocyte profiles in(2017-50-3-1).pdf
2017-10-24 The effects of light-emitting diode on poultry welfare and(2017-50-3-10).pdf
2017-06-27 Analysis of bacterial diversity and screening of novel lipolytic genes of dairy cattle rumen microflora(2017-50-2-7).pdf
2017-06-27 Detection of porcine endogenous retroviruses in Lanyu pig(2017-50-2-4).pdf
2017-06-27 Effects of Duroc genetic proportion on the growth performance, carcass characteristics and sensory evaluation of crossbred black pigs(2017-50-2-6).pdf
2017-06-27 Effects of storage time and age on fertility and mortality of hatching eggs for minimal disease white Muscovy duck(2017-50-2-3).pdf
2017-06-27 Estimation of genetic parameters for growth performance and egg production traits in TLRI K11 chicken(2017-50-2-2).pdf
2017-06-27 Evaluation of flail type mower conditioner to use on Pangola grass hay production(2017-50-2-1).pdf
2017-06-27 Investigation of hematological parameters for Black Boer goats(2017-50-2-9).pdf
2017-06-27 Investigation of the effect of dissolved air flotation on dairy wastewater treatment(2015-50-2-5).pdf
2017-06-27 The development of a system for inquiring genetic evaluation of international dairy bulls (SIGB) II. module for the quickly showing inbreeding coefficient of high quality bulls(2017-50-2-10).pdf
2017-06-27 The effects of wilting and inoculant on fermentation of pangola/alfalfa mixture(2017-50-2-8).pdf
2017-06-05 Breeding of the newly variety of sweet sorghum “SS cv. TS1”(2017-50-1-6).pdf
2017-06-05 Effect of dietary crude protein and metabolizable energy on growth performance and backfat thickness of Lanyu miniature pigs during cool and hot seasons(2017-50-1-7).pdf
2017-06-05 Effect of slaughter age on growth performances, muscle compositions and quality of heavy type caponized native chickens(2017-50-1-1).pdf
Total 16 pages, total 315 items.