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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2018-05-04 The effect of different rearing environment on two-way crossbred mule duck’s growth performances and carcass traits(2018-51-1-9).pdf
2018-05-04 The fate and distribution of antibiotic residues and tetracycline resistance genes in pig manure and wastewater(2018-51-1-6).pdf
2018-05-04 The Feeding Value of NPcv.TS3 and NPcv.TS7 for Lactating Dairy Goats (2018-51-1-2).pdf
2017-12-25 Antimicrobial property study of enzymatic hydrolysate prepared from porcine erythrocytes(2017-50-4-1).pdf
2017-12-25 Assessment of gelation of weaner diet on the growth performance, immunoglobulin contents, diarrhea occurrence and the number of fecal microflora of postweaning pigs(2017-50-4-3).pdf
2017-12-25 Assessment of liquid-type and gelation of milk replacer on the growth performance, immunoglobulin contents, diarrhea occurrence and fecal microflora of sucking pigs(2017-50-4-2).pdf
2017-12-25 Effects of diets supplemented with rumen by pass amino acids and different crude protein levels on antlers production, blood biochemical indices and economic benefits in Formosan sambar deers(2017-50-
2017-12-25 Effects of floor housing with two different stocking densities and battery cage on laying hens’ leg health and feather damage(2017-50-4-6).pdf
2017-12-25 Evaluating genetic diversity of pedigreed and registered breeding pigs by microsatellite markers(2017-50-4-10).pdf
2017-12-25 Genotype screening on cholesterol deficiency of dairy cattle herds in Taiwan(2017-50-4-5).pdf
2017-12-25 The analysis of genetic diversity of Pueraria montana in Taiwan revealed by ISSR method(2017-50-4-9).pdf
2017-12-25 The effect of soaking with Cinnamomum osmophloeum Kanehira extracts on quality change of fresh pork loin chops(2017-50-4-7).pdf
2017-12-25 The sales survey of minipig for biomedical research(2017-50-4-8).pdf
2017-10-24 Breeding of the newly variety of nilegrass “NL cv. TS2”(2017-50-3-7).pdf
2017-10-24 Comparison of erythrocyte and leukocyte profile in(2017-50-3-2).pdf
2017-10-24 Comparisons of the hematological values on male and female(2017-50-3-9).pdf
2017-10-24 Development of a new method for rapid genotyping(2017-50-3-8).pdf
2017-10-24 Effect of nest boxes closure and setting time on Brown Tsaiya(2017-50-3-5).pdf
2017-10-24 Effect of vtamin E and selenium supplementation on lactation(2017-50-3-4).pdf
2017-10-24 Effects of dietary supplementation of peppermint on growth(2017-50-3-6).pdf
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