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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2019-11-11 The study on the colostrum quality at different parities of Holstein cows and the weekly change of body weight and blood parameters of the calf[2019-52-3-2].pdf
2019-07-31 Effect of adding Napiergrass powder and alfalfa pellet powder in the diet on the egg production, yolk color.pdf
2019-07-31 Effect of antioxidants supplementation on boar semen cryopreservation.pdf
2019-07-31 Effect of different dietary crude protein on gain weight and blood chemistry of Lanyu Minipigs.pdf
2019-07-31 Effect of Lactobacillus spp. inoculation on the silage quality of rice (Oryza sativa L.) grain.pdf
2019-07-31 Effect of Zn and Cu and Mn supplementation on milk composition and blood traits of Holstein cows.pdf
2019-07-31 Lactating performance and calf weaning weight of straightbred Santa Gertrudis, and Brahman cows and their crossbred cows sired by Gelbvieh.pdf
2019-07-31 The effect of applying Bacillus coagulans on the growth performance of weaned piglets.pdf
2019-07-31 The effects of different floor materials on the growth performance and carcass traits of Mule duck.pdf
2019-06-21 Assessment of semen characteristics and blood testosterone (1) levels of Muscovy drakes in Taiwan (2019-52-1-7).pdf
2019-06-21 Effects of concentrate and plant extracts mixture on intake (1) willingness in goat (2019-52-1-3).pdf
2019-06-21 Effects of different disinfection treatments on microorganisms (1) and hatchability of Brown Tsaiya ducks’ eggs (2019-52-1-4).pdf
2019-06-21 Evaluation of Sorghum Cultivar for Forage Production (2019-52-1-5).pdf
2019-06-21 Postpartum progesterone levels and reproductive (1) characteristics of Taiwan Yellow Cattle(2019-52-1-1).pdf
2019-06-21 Study on the addition of natural pigment from local agricultural products in the ration for improving the coloration (1) of the ISA egg yolk (2019-52-1-2).pdf
Total 20 pages, total 291 items.