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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2021-04-28 Effects of dietary crude protein and metabolizable energy levels on the growth performance of Duroc x KHAPS black pig in growing period
2021-04-28 Effect of freezing programs on the sperm quality of frozenthawed boar semen
2021-04-28 Effects of adding sodium butyrate and citric acid in feed on growth performances of the weaned piglets
2021-04-28 Production and utilization of forage oat grown in northern Taiwan
2021-04-28 The Effect of caponization on the blood physiological value of Taiwan male native chickens
2021-04-28 The effect of litter reuse on the production efficiency of broilers and the quantity of the litter
2021-04-28 The effect of plant polysaccharide extracts on the growth performance, the fecal microflora, and the concentration of inflammatory factor of postweaning pigs
2021-04-28 The Effects of diets supplemented with Lycium chinense Miller on growth performances and blood biochemical parameters in White Roman geese
2021-01-05 Effect of rain exposure before wrapping and dry matter contents of pangolagrass haylages on palatability of goats
2021-01-05 Effect of soaking with lactic acid solution on the meat quality of Mule duck breast meat in Taiwan
2021-01-05 Effects of all-in-all-out mode of wet-pad laying hen housing system on egg production and mortality in laying hens
2021-01-05 Effects of different weaning strategies on the body weight and blood parameters of Holstein female calves
2021-01-05 Investigation and analysis on reasons for engaging in agriculture, financial status and risk self-assessment of poultry industry farmers
2021-01-05 J, Taiwan Livest. Res. 53-3
2021-01-05 The effect of source and level of dietary fiber on growth performance, backfat thickness and blood profiles of Lanyu pigs
2021-01-05 The effects of composite floors on the growth performance and carcass traits of two-way crossbred mule duck
2021-01-05 The evaluation of neutralizing antibody titers elicited by different vaccination program of inactivated bovine ephemeral fever virus vaccine on Holstein cattle in Taiwan
2020-09-30 An overview on chicken sex determination mechanism.pdf
2020-09-30 Effect of dietary supplementation of biotin and organic Zn on hoof health and lactating performance of Holstein cows in hot and humid summer.pdf
2020-09-30 Effect of dry matter content and inoculants on oat and oat alfalfa mixture after long-term ensiling.pdf
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