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Journal of Taiwan Livestock Research(TW)

2023-03-21 Effect of dietary supplementation of Artemisia argyi and Plectranthus amboinicus on the growth performance, hematology values and carcass characteristics of male black velvet silky chicken
2023-03-21 Effect of different weaning procedures on the growth performance of the weaned piglets
2023-03-21 Effect of providing outdoor exercise ground at night on the health and milking performance of Holstein cows raised in tunnel-ventilated barn in hot summer
2023-03-21 Effects of an intelligent fan system on the growth performance and blood biochemical and hematological parameters of nursery Lanyu pigs
2023-03-21 Effects of bacitracin, nosiheptide and oxytetracycline on intestinal epithelial permeability, intestinal flora and bacterial translocation in broilers
2023-03-21 Effects of cultivar, crop season and growth stage on soybean as forage
2023-03-21 Effects of cutting growth stages and stay heights on the silage quality of Pennisetum purpureum NP cv. TS3
2023-03-21 Effects of different treatments on the quality of pangolagrass haylage in medium-size bales covered with plastic membranes
2023-03-21 Effects of feeding brown Tsaiya ducks diets with different protein and energy concentrations during growth period on laying performance
2023-03-21 Effects of growing-finishing pigs in water-pad cooling pig house on growth performance and water quality of wastewater treatment
2023-03-21 Effects of male and female chickens on the growth performances, blood characteristics, carcass traits and compare yield earnings for commercial red feather native chicken
2023-03-21 Evaluation of GHG emission reduction potential and investigation of the methane emission factor of standardized baseline methods for pig husbandry in Taiwan
2023-03-21 Investigation and test on moisture removal effect in modified container hay barn
2023-03-21 Production of profit-basis forage crops – Sweet Sorghum and Avena: III. Economic benefit evaluation and SWOT analysis of regional rotation production modes
2023-03-21 Selection of high egg production in Taiwan native chicken inbreeding lines Taisui No.1
2023-03-21 Study on genetic structure and phylogeny in Chihsin duck using microsatellite markers
2023-03-21 Study on the physiological index of drought tolerance for napiergrass
2023-03-21 The effects of providing perch and foot sterilization equipment on white Muscovy duck’s growth and animal welfare traits
2023-03-21 The effects of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi and Pueraria lobate (Willd.) Ohwi on the anti-inflammatory activity in cultured macrophage cells and on the incidence of diarrhea for Holstein heifer calf
2023-03-21 The relationship between fetal number and pregnancy-associated glycoprotein in milk of Alpine goat
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